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Thursday, August 26, 2010


mggu orientasi kt USM ni, ptama kali dengar psl 'Charlie'
'Charlie' yg x bleh dhapuskan...

ni dia "Charlie"....

The haemolymph in the beetle’s entire body (except the wings) contains the most poisonous animal contact toxin in the world called ‘pederin’ (C24 H43 O9 N) named in 1953. It is 12 times more poisonous than cobra venom ! Dried and stored rove beetle for 8 years still retained it’s toxicity ! Contact collision with the beetle while travelling or sleeping,crushing it on the body or smearing with soiled fingers can cause conjunctivitis and severe dermatitis known as dermatitis linearis, paederus (rove beetle /staphylinidae) dermatitis, whiplash dermatitis etc. In September 2002 an epidemic of dermatitis linearis caused by rove beetles affected thousands of high rise flat dwellers and dormitory students in Penang, Malaysia. Since the beetle is attracted to lights at night, switch off or minimise the lighting and close doors/ windows during the beetle epidemic. Use fine mosquito netting, aerosol insect spray, glue traps etc. Do not sit near lights, do not smash the beetle on the body, just blow it away ! If there is contact with the beetle, immediately wash the affected area with soap and water. Those who suffer severe skin reactions should seek medical attention

 This bugger here has quite a cun name:
Nama Am: Kumbang Rove
Nama Saintifik : Class : Insecta
Order : Coleoptera
Family : Staphylinidae
Species : Paederus fuscipes Curtis
Nama Tempatan: Semut Semai, Semut Kayap, Charlie etc.

In places where paddy fields are everywhere (for example:Penang),
 those paddy insects are one of the things fear us the most and we are most familiar with. During some specific periods, we will face insect and bug problem which make our life quite miserable and itchy limbs and body is common. Luckily I don't have sensitive skin, but some of my friends suffer endless itch and some even has swollen 'wound' due to the insects.

This time, another type of insect attacks again.
This deary Charlie here is less than 1 cm long, and the hemolimf liquid inside its body contains the most poisonous insect toxin in the world. It doesn't bite or sting, and the way the toxin enters the human body is through the contact between the insect's skin and human skin.
The pictures of the affected patients stuned me!


So, the precaution steps to be taken:

1. Minimize the usage of lamps as the bug is easily attracted to light.
2. Close all doors and windows during the 'bugger' epidemic.
3. Use the full face visor helmet when riding a motorcycle to avoid the bug fly into your eyes.
4. Use mosquito net, repellent etc.
5. Do not sit near the light/lamp, do not hit bugs which in contact with our skin, blow it away instead.
So friends, please circulate the information around. 'Just in case' ;)

tepuk dada tanya iman

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